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Mission & Values

What We Believe

At SilverCrest, our mission is to enrich the lives of our seniors by providing exceptional care in a safe, loving and homelike environment individualized for every resident. In our home, the emphasis is placed on fostering independence, allowing your loved one the most autonomous lifestyle possible. At SilverCrest, we encourage wholesome living through the promotion of good health, an active lifestyle and personalized care services. We recognize that choosing the right option for your loved one is a difficult and daunting decision. That’s why we utilize a focused, hands-on approach dedicated to quality care where your loved one is genuinely treated as our family member.

Our Vision

We use a holistic approach to memory care (for dementia and Alzheimer’s) that caters to the specific needs of each resident by examining whole person and their remaining strengths, emotions and abilities. We analyze both the resident’s medical and social history and come to a clear understanding of their preferences and which environmental triggers cause or minimize anxiety. This effective communication validates and nurtures the resident, while the engagement gives them independence and a sense of belonging and purpose, an approach that stimulates memories to improve or maintain mental function. This type of person-centered care has other positive outcomes such as improved nutrition and wellness, reduced medication use and side effects, as well as fewer falls, injuries and hospital visits.

Our Values

A Letter From Our Co-Founder, Yvonne Sarfoh:

“Having worked in various aspects of the medical field, I gravitated toward the senior population; once I became a nurse, I realized my true calling. The senior population has unfortunately become the forgotten population. Many people write seniors off. They place them in a category of those who have lived their life and have nothing left to give, but I beg to differ. Seniors are the past and the present. Their insights, life’s work and views are invaluable. The senior population is living longer and is more active than ever before. Caring for seniors is my passion and though at times a challenging task, it requires unconditional love and commitment. One of the most important aspects of being successful in owning an Assisted Living Memory Care community is dedication. Understanding the challenges that come with aging and staying educated on the population is imperative. Being a successful owner/employee of an Assisted Living Memory Care community requires a deep and sincere understanding of the challenges within the senior community.

Through my experiences in the field, I understand that at times, it is difficult to care for an Alzheimer’s and dementia patient outside specialized living. This aspect is often hard for families to deal with. Cognitive impairment leads to difficulties with basic activities like going to the bathroom or washing. Something as simple as getting dressed can become an ordeal. Depending on someone’s stage of Alzheimer’s or dementia, and his/her ability to function, the level of required care and supervision varies. For most families, it becomes overwhelming and eventually requires placing them in some form of residential care, Assisted Living or Memory Care community. For individuals with dementia who require a higher level of skilled care and supervision, Memory Care units are an ideal option which requires supervision to be provided 24 hours per day by staff trained to care for specific needs and the demands of dementia patients. Memory Care communities offer the same services as Assisted Living communities with increased supervision, as well as activities intended to stimulate memory and possibly slow the disease’s progression. Having worked in this field for over twenty years while keeping up to date on issues affecting this population through continuing education, I have gained a great understanding of the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease, as well as other forms of dementia.

From the beginning of my nursing career, everywhere I have worked has had a population of residents with cognitive deficiencies. Unfortunately, families often had difficulties coming to terms with the fact that their loved one may have dementia and require more advanced care, placing them on a unit without specialized care. Because of this, during my beginning years as a nurse, whether or not a community had a formalized Memory Care unit or not, I gained an understanding of and learned different techniques in working with this population to provide excellent care. Some of the places I worked at had secure Memory Care units where I gained valuable insight and education on managing this population. I learned how to impact the lives of residents through developing and assisting with the planning and coordination of programs to provide meaningful Assisted Living Memory Care programs rendered toward optimum clinical and social care outcomes.”

Why Choose Us?

  • 5:1 Resident-to-Staff Ratio
  • We Focus On Building Communciation With Family Members
  • We Have Completely Secured Grounds & Single Story Buildings

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