Coming Fall 2021

Dignified Care, Where Individuality Prospers

Coming Fall 2021

Dignified Care, Where Individuality Prospers

SilverCrest is a highly anticipated Assisted Living and Memory Care community offering residents a vibrant and fulfilling new chapter of life through dignified, individualized care. We are more than just a place to live, as we provide residents with an attentive, intimate atmosphere that truly feels like home. Residents will enjoy a lifestyle that celebrates their identity, and their families will rest easy knowing their loved one is getting the most out of every day.

A Foundation of Experience

SilverCrest was co-founded by a woman with over 15 years of nursing experience in senior living. Her vision was to provide the highest quality of life to adults with memory disorders. In line with this vision, our team also includes a Nurse Practitioner with an additional 15 years of experience. This collective expertise means that the SilverCrest team knows how to run a community in a way that many others simply do not, providing exceptional care alongside the things that make life worth living – friendships, a sense of home, purpose and a focus on community.

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Unwavering Transparency & Communication

We understand how difficult memory disorders can be for individuals and their families alike. Our founders and leadership team have shared this experience on levels both personal and professional, so we know how important it is that stay in touch with their loved one in their new home. For this reason, transparency is a foundation of everything we do. Resident families are never left in the dark and can always count on SilverCrest for honest and candid updates on their loved one and the care they receive. This transparency extends to our internal culture; team members in every department communicate regularly and often about the progress of each resident so that every decision can be made with confidence.

An Evolved Environment

We practice a “resident-first” approach that prioritizes the care, safety and satisfaction of residents over business results and bottom lines. In their home, the emphasis is placed on nurturing your loved one to reach their maximum potential by fostering independence rather than dependence and allowing them autonomy.

Our Community Will Feature:

5-1 Staff-to-Senior Ratio

On-Site Nurse Practitioner

Private Suites

Safe & Secure Walking Paths

Standalone Clubhouse

On-site Licensed Nurse

Family Connections App

Homelike Atmosphere

Customized Activity Programs

Staff Alert System

If you’d like to learn more about our planned community, call us today at (281) 305-8878 or fill out the form above to receive additional information.

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